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Jim Post Management

Jim Post - Lilfest House Concert

"Post is one of the Midwest's great treasures." --Chicago Tribune

"Post's depiction of Mark Twain is nothing less than brilliant, and each sentence and song is a gem ...nothing but kudos from our audience members of all ages...This is a show that should be on Broadway." - Smithsonian Institution

“This elfin troubador, in whom are married Irish tenor, revival sermonist, and hillbilly bluesman a la Jimmie Rogers, works upon his audience like a preacher, and is able to control the energy in the room without lapse for the entire duration of the performance.” BILLBOARD

Jim Post is available for shows including: 
Mark Twain and the Laughing River (musical theater) and An Evening with Jim Post (singer/songwriter) 

Contact:  LilFest
1205 3rd St. SW
Mount Vernon, Iowa 52314
847-256-0000 or 312-371-2284

 Jim Post as Mark Twain  Jim Post album- Reach Out Together  Jim Post Summer of Love

Jim Post as Mark Twain Jim Post as
Mark Twain

A folk singer/songwriter invokes the humanity of Mark Twain through song

"The show is worth it for the music alone!" Roy Leonard NBC   "Post focuses on Twain's younger days and he can cut-up like the kid he ardently invokes in this perfect show." ChicagoTribune
"His songs and monologues, whether serious or witty, fell as natural o the ears as everyday conversation.  Rousing...and ideal family show."  Chicago Sun Times

Jim Post Performing
Contact Nancy Emrich of LilFest to present Jim Post as Mark Twain or Jim Post’s Folk Show, including songs from his folk-rock career spanning 60 years!

The music from Mark Twain and the Laughing River won the American Library Award for 1997. Jim's music has been described as the music Stephen Foster might have written had he been a playwright. Jim's clear, soaring tenor voice is captivating, from opening song, "Might Big River," which is nothing less than an American anthem, through the lovely images of "Hannibal," to the precocious narrative of, "Naked Little Boy."

Telephone: 847-256-0000 or 847-251-1100